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I want to achieve with my paintings, people. Many are interested in little for art and graphics. When people come into contact with modern art, it is often a strange encounter with rhythms and Farballegorien with wild abstractionism entirely at their own experienced world over. Since there is a distance. The visual arts, restricts itself to visualize, is not easy to provide access to themselves. Sometimes one might also think that they will not do it. Art only for art's sake is absurd. Culture is not an abstract thing that exists in and of itself. Culture is what belongs to all people as human beings, and can not exist without them, it is also no capital investment for the few. If it mutates then it is an aberration, which excludes the majority of the enjoyment and experience, is a perversion of what constitutes art. For me, a nightmare.

According to custom, art has only two basic options: "Defense of evil and the celebration of the good." Occasionally I would meet such high standards. In apparent attempt to pick up my pictures with the world experience and to establish contact on the realism of living not only in the natural, photographic representation.

One might think that these are naive landscapes. Who in such an environment, lives and works and does not constitute landscapes, must be already blind. It is the diversity and variety and also saw a metaphor of human existence, is still shaped our environment and processed, a cultural landscape with significant influence of residents over the centuries. The pictures show people in their environment and through gestures and facial expressions of their very own individuality and subjectivity, in their own world, but in the context of objectively given and is malleable, so complex in participation in the life and culture.

When art and graphics but it is nothing more than "the meaningful arrangement of colored lines and areas" they will take their fascination to show these simple means something and it will awaken emotions, which in its entirety, then open up possibilities in Viewers make a difference. People to participate in my art must be granted also a reason why my pictures are beautiful in the first place, or at least not superficially aware ugly. Therein lies a challenge. To me first. I want to also condemn the 'evil' I have to process the allegory in this claim. But so is the viewer to recognize that. Art in general, and for my pictures, I take it in right, next to the calls and watching an understanding and seeing. Art is more than just decoration.

About Printing and Art Prints:

Visual artists talk about art pressure does not mean it, as commonly spread on the Discounter, available at hardware stores and reproductions of famous works. Prints are a number of copies of a drawing. Not for nothing, such as a print artist Ernst August Zimmermann Erfurt are respected in this measure. Each work of an obligation, although distinctly different, but individually hand modeled from the cliché and thus has its own originality. The processing of the template and the development of engraving to leave a work of art, not least due to pressure and rubbing, indelible marks, which are reflected in the following graphics to further deductions will be impossible, because the plate is destroyed. Actually, each of the three pictures is art only the presentation, drawing, then transferring to a carrier medium, and modified to print on high quality paper.

There are various techniques of black art. While be borne in the high pressure (for example, wood and linoleum are colored) höherliegende lots of stereotypes and the color in gravure printing - mostly etchings and engravings - the injuries of the surface, the deep portions crucial. They can be scratched with a needle, or etched. Another variation is the planographic printing, based on the repulsion of water and oil. Thus the ability to have a motive is to eventually bring the paper with a versatile know-how in associated physical and chemical processes, and makes this form of Graphics so exciting.

I print my work itself, the fascination with such a simple construction of an etching press with a little hand tool such diverse and complex images to create is overwhelming. The effect of a drawing by hand to model a bit better, to work out with the heel or finger lights and shadows, to transform through consistency of color, different techniques for a smooth surface into a work that is very diffiziel and exciting.